2017 Western Region Annual Meeting

17 October 2017 - 20 October 2017

Oregon Forest Scene



Join us October 17-20, 2017, in Wilsonville, Oregon for the 58th annual meeting of the IPPS Western Region.  Wilsonville is located south of Portland, north of Salem, and just off of Interstate 5 in the beautiful Willamette Valley. Commercial nursery operations in the Willamette Valley range from small specialty growers to large producers, with container-grown and bare-root crops shipped to customers across the U.S. and Canada. Vineyards, fruit and nut orchards, berry farms, and hop-growing operations are also part of the horticultural enterprises of the Willamette Valley.

The region offers a wide array of outdoor recreational opportunities, scenic drives, and public gardens. Plan to arrive early or stay after the IPPS meeting to enjoy some of the fall vacation opportunities in the Oregon wine country, Mt. Hood, the Oregon Coast, and the Columbia River Gorge.

Registration for the meeting is now open! CLICK HERE for the registration form.

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The Holiday Inn in Wilsonville will be our host hotel and meeting venue. The hotel is conveniently located approximately 20 minutes from downtown Portland and 30 minutes from Salem.  Conference attendees will receive a special room rate of $114.00 per night (single/double, plus tax).  This rate is good until September 26, 2017.

A diversity of topics are planned for the educational sessions at the meeting, including presentations on ornamental crops, edible crops, and native plants, along with research posters and trade exhibits. To download the complete program, CLICK HERE.



The pre-conference tour on Tuesday, October 17, will include:

Carlton Plants (photos above)

Youngblood Nursery


North American Plants


The conference tour on Wednesday , October 18, will include:

Aroma Cannabis

Woodburn Nursery & Azaleas (photo above, left)

Microplant Nurseries (photo above, right)

PlantSmith Nursery

Fir Point Farms (lunch stop)

The conference tour on Thursday, October 19, will include:

Heirloom Roses

Minto Island Growers (and lunch stop)

Smith Gardens

Scheduled speakers will include:

John Cooley - Container Options for Automation, Labor Savings, and Great Roots

Norman LaFaille - Controlled Release Fertilizers: The History and Impact

Moriah LaChapell Schalock - Biocontrol in Propagation

Joe Kupillas - Adapting Automation to Your Operation

Ryan Contreras - Woody Ornamental Plant Breeding

Dennis Warnecke - Natural Growing Through

Lane Selman - Tomato Breeding

Wes Eaton - pH and EC Measurements in Growing Media and Water

Robin Rosetta - Nursery Pest Management (pesticide credit hours available)

Luisa Santamaria - Diagnostics of Plant Disease in Greenhouse and Nursery Settings


Registration for the meeting is now open! CLICK HERE for the registration form.

While at the meeting, stop by our exhibitors' displays and learn about the latest in products and services for commercial propagation and nursery production:
   ● Agra Tech Inc.
    ● BioSafe Systems
    ● Blackmore Company / Ellepot USA
    ● Conley’s Greenhouse Manufacturing & Sales
    ● Dramm Corporation
    ● Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc.
    ● Grow-Tech Inc.
    ● Microplant Nurseries, Inc.
    ● OBC Northwest, Inc.
    ● Pace 49 Inc.
    ● Phillips Soil Products, Inc.
    ● Proptek
    ● Syngenta



Participate in the annual meeting by bringing a poster covering a research, development, or horticultural practice about plant propagation or plant production, including new plants. Posters do not have to be academic or scientific in nature, but must be non-commercial. Click here for more information and the application form (due by September 22, 2017).



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