IPPS SA: Nursery visit to Tulbagh Nursery, Tulbagh, Western Cape

17 May 2018 - 17 May 2018

Welcome to Tulbagh Nursery!

'Tulbagh Nursery is a family owned business with 20 hectares under plants. We supply work to a lot of people in the valley, especially during the winter months when there is a shortage of work. Our plants adapt very well to most regions in South Africa because they are exposed to our very hot summers, freezing winters and daily South-Easter'.

Join us for a day outing to Tulbagh Nursery. Bredell and his team will host the day and show us the nursery and all they have been doing over the last few years. This will be a worthwhile visit for all our members and visitors. Our last visit was over 5 YEARS ago.

We will meet at Nonkeplants and pool transport before departing for Tulbagh. We hope to have a big turnout for the day so please come enjoy with us. If you can help with transport, please let Clive or Judy know.

09h30 Meet at Nonkeplants
10h00 Depart for Tulbagh
11h20 Arrive in Tulbagh
11h30 BRUNCH
12h30 Nursery Tour
15h45 Depart for Nonkeplants
17h00 Arrive at Nonkeplants & homeward bound