Seed Propagation of Woody Plants - Cheviot Trees Nursery

26 April 2018 - 26 April 2018

Programme Overview:

Sam Firkins: FORESTART

  • -Cleaning and storage of seeds,
  • -Pretreatments of seed to remove dormancy. (an overview of techniques used will be given with some practical examples)

Alice Snowden, Peter Taylor and Alexandra Wood: Cheviot Trees

  • -Methods used for Seed sowing
  • -Trays and Media used
  • -Establishment of seedlings, tunnels, irrigation, feeding /spraying etc

Forestart was established in 1986 and specialises in seed collection, extraction and breaking dormancy to enhance germination rates. Their skilled team provide unique expertise and processes to ensure that the need for outstanding quality and service from their customers is met and then exceeded.

Cheviot Trees is one of Europe’s largest and most experienced producers of cell grown trees. Established for over 25 years, they grow a diverse range of trees, shrubs, conifers and wetland plants from a wide selection of seed sources.