David Hutchinson

International Award of Honor, 2009

International President, Regional President, Conference and Tour organizer, Expansion coordinator and regional committee member. Many years ago David Hutchinson attended his first IPPS conference in Cannington, Somerset. He immediately recognized the openness of members, the potential this had for the advancement of plant production knowledge, and how well the motto “Seek and Share” matched his personal philosophy. He has been a very active member ever since, as a committee member, Regional President, International President, tour organizer and expansion coordinator. As he travels throughout Europe his standard attire is an IPPS sweatshirt. When application forms are received at the GB&I office they have a space asking potential members how they became aware of IPPS, -­‐ the name Dave Hutchinson occurs regularly. He will encourage them to attend area meetings and conferences, introduce them to like minded people and get them involved. He has been a genuine friend and valued mentor to generations of propagators and growers. His knowledge and advice has contributed greatly to the success of many nurseries, both large and small.

He joined the GB&I committee in 1988 and continued on it until 2001, by which time he had held a number of important positions, as detailed above. He organized the first IPPS conference in mainland Europe at Angers, France in 1992 with speakers from ten countries and delegates from even more. Two coaches of delegates traveled from England with nursery visits en route. Typical of Dave and his meticulous planning was the way that he drove the route in advance, by car but traveling at coach speed to ensure the busy schedule he proposed was actually achievable. The ten-­‐course banquet in an ancient chateau is still talked about by those that were there. He worked hard for several years as IPPS European Expansion coordinator, building many contacts by writing to and visiting prominent growers and academics, presenting papers and inviting them to our conferences. Exchange rates and language difficulties presented large obstacles but Dave’s efforts were rewarded with pockets of membership initiated in several countries.

Dave represented GB&I on the International Board and went on to serve with distinction as International President in 2002. Together with Dennis Fordham he organized an intensive tour of Southern England for the International Board, taking in nurseries, gardens and sights of interest from London to Plymouth.