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Important Downloadable Documents

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IPPS Policies & Procedures

Operating Policies part 2

Duties & Responsibilities of International Officers and Directors

Operating Policies part 1

Process flow membership application and renewal

Process flow publishing of online Proceedings

International Award of Honour Information

2006 - 2014 Award of Honour Recipients' Profiles

International Award of Honour Nomination Form

International Board Minutes

2014-02 Official Minutes

2014-03 Official Minutes

2014-06 Official Minutes

2014-08 Official Minutes

2014-10 Official Minutes

2014-11 Official Minutes

2015-03 Official Minutes

2015-07 Official Minutes

2015-10 Official Minutes

2015-12 Official Minutes

2016-03 Official Minutes

2016-04 Official Minutes

2016-07 Official Minutes

2016-10 Official Minutes_need correct file

2016-12 Official Minutes

2017-03 Official Minutes

2017-07 Official Minutes

2017-10 Official Minutes

2017-12 Official Minutes

2018-03 Official Minutes

2018-06 Official Minutes

2018-09 Official Minutes

2018-12 Official Minutes

IPPS Logos 2020

IPPS 2020 logo information

IPPS 2020 logo PDF format

IPPS 2020 logo Adobe Illustrator format

IPPS 2020 logo 2000px.png

IPPS Southern Africa 2020 logo PDF format

IPPS Australia 2020 logo PDF format

IPPS China 2020 logo PDF format

IPPS ER 2020 logo PDF format

IPPS Europe 2020 logo PDF format

IPPS India 2020 logo PDF format

IPPS Japan 2020 logo PDF format

IPPS NZ 2020 logo PDF format

IPPS SR 2020 logo PDF format

IPPS WR 2020 logo PDF format

Website 2016 CMS processes & manuals

Process flow membership admin

Process flow membership renewal

Member account data fields

PayPal payment test

IPPS Exchange Programme Information

IPPS International Exchange Funding guidelines

Internship Opportunities

Donald Pell Gardens

Spring Meadow: Internship program

Hort-Sense Internship

Donald Pell Gardens: Internship

North Carolina State University: Internship

IPPS Privacy Notice - Terms and Conditions

IPPS Privacy notice

Offline Membership Application Forms

IPPS China membership application form

IPPS India membership application form

IPPS Letterheads

IPPS Australia

IPPS China

IPPS Eastern Region of NA

IPPS Europe

IPPS Japan

IPPS New Zealand

IPPS Southern Africa

IPPS Southern Region of NA

IPPS Western Region of NA

IPPS India

Yearly Summaries

2021 Yearly Summary








2018 Yearly Summary





2022 Summary Report

2023 Summary Report

Miscellaneous downloads

IPPS Southern Africa International Tour_Speakers