Alan Jones

International Award of Honor, 2021

This year’s awardee has had a successful and lengthy career in propagation and both the International and Eastern Regions of IPPS. He joined IPPS in 1979 and has served on countless committees both in the Eastern Region and on the International Board. He served as the International Chairman for four years; Eastern Region President in 2002; and was elected as a Fellow of Eastern Region in 2000 and received the Eastern Region’s Award of Merit in 2011. He retired from the International Board in 2019 after 12 years of service, although he is still active in the International Finance Committee. He has been an excellent resource for IPPS members and has worked tirelessly to increase awareness of IPPS around the world. His continued participation, willingness to help anywhere necessary, and active commitment to improving IPPS, as well as the horticulture industry, are admirable and worthy of this award.

Alan has worked tirelessly to expand awareness of IPPS in India and China.  By increasing the global reach of the IPPS, a sharing of knowledge becomes possible, participation in the study of propagation grows and the positive exposure to IPPS builds these relationships in India and China.  Outside IPPS, Alan works with several nursery associations and Congressional groups to improve the industry.