Brian Humphrey

International Award of Honor, 1993

Brian Humphrey's work for The Horticultural Development Council in connection with Nursery Stock is legend and his great efforts and ability earned him a reputation and the Order of the British Empire in 1988.  He was also as Great Britain and Ireland Region Rose Bowl recipient in 1981.

Brian, was one of three distinguished horticulturists who were members of Eastern Region IPPS before Great Britain and Ireland was formed.  He wrote and gave many papers for the early proceedings.  He played an essential part in the formation of the GB&I Region which has been written up in the 1968 Proceedings.  He has made an enormous contribution at home and abroad to IPPS.  

Brian contributed a lot to the horticulture industry.  He lectured annually at Kew, was a member of the Horticulture Development Council panel, represented the horticulture industry during discussions with government departments, acted as a consultant for many researchers in hardy ornamental nursery stock in Great Britain.  His work at Hillier's Nurseries on sun frame propagation, the relentless drive to mechanize tree production, the array of adapted farm machinery, the trials with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and growth regulators all speak to a man determined to progress, thirsting for ideas and information, and then seeking to put that knowledge into practice. 

The propagation and cultivation of plants, and the pursuit of innovative ideas have been an all absorbing life interest for Brian.  His particular interests have been in ericacea, magnolias, Japanese Maples, anything "difficult", alpines, orchid species, lily species, and bulb species.