Bruce Briggs
International Award of Honor, 1991

Bruce worked on his father's nursery, which was established in 1912, while in grade and high school.  He then entered the U.S. Army Medical Corps as a surgical assistant for four years during World War II.  He then returned to Briggs Nursery in Olympia, Washington to run the nursery.  In 1991, the 150 acre nursery employed between 140-200 employees; a tissue culture lab completed in 1985, and produces 7 million plants annually.

Bruce's involvement in the International Plant Propagators' Society started as a charter member in the Western Region in 1960.  He was the 10th president of the Western Region in 1970 and the International Board President in 1971.  He was involved in many committees ranging from the nominating committee, long-range planning committee, research scholarship committee, and policy committee, among others.  He attended all but one Western Region annual conference between 1960-1990 and presented papers and talks at many of the annual meetings.  He attended many other regional meetings, also presenting papers at some of these meetings. 

Bruce received many other awards throughout his lifetime related to the Horticulture and Landscaping Industries, as well as some local awards from his community in Washington.  He was well-known for his extensive knowledge, especially about Horticulture.  He had a great intensity to learn and share the knowledge he has acquired with others.