Ian Tolley

International Award of Honor, 1998

Ian Tolley received the International Award of Honor in 1998.  He has a long association with the IPPS which pre-dates the formation of the Australian Region.  Prior to the formation of the Australian Region, he was a member of the Western Region (1967-1972).  He then became a founding member of the Australian Region and has served it with distinction in many capacities.  He was Australian Region President in 1978 and the International President in 1985.  He continues to serve members of IPPS through his willingness to share information from his vast knowledge and experiences.  He was a regular contributor at conferences, not only as a speaker but also as the role of question box moderator.  This is a regular session at the Australian Region conferences and addresses questions raised from various papers.  Ian's capacity to extract responses from members and guests alike is legendary!

Ian regularly acts as a moderator for new members to our Region.  He also has been involved with the Australian Region's propagation video series where he is the driving force, and a constant stimulus, when enthusiasm begins to wain.  In 1992, he was awarded the IPPS Australian Award of Honour having previously been awarded the IPPS Australian Region Pewter Mug 'for outstanding work'.

Outside of IPPS, Ian has received many awards and appointments throughout the industry.  He has presented many seminars, papers, and addresses over the years.