Jorgen H. Selchau

International Award of Honor, 2006

Jorgen H. Selchau has been the director of licensing and patent advocate for the firm of GPL International in Denmark, specializing in helping growers and breeders of horticultural plants obtain and manage the patents and licenses on their plant material.

Jorgen has also played a very significant role in international breeding organizations, where he has been a member of the leadership and served as secretary of the Scandinavian branch of IPPS.

In connection with IPPS meetings, Jorgen has given several lectures and authored papers for the proceedings about the very complicated patent laws and regulations.  He has also been active in preparing two international board meetings and concomitant excursions.

Jorgen has been a member of the Scandinavian Region since its establishment and has served in all possible offices of the regional board.  Furthermore, he has served as regional president for at least two terms.  He has done this to the best of his ability, which is overwhelming.  He has also served as international director for IPPS and was instrumental in establishing the South African region, and helping them attain full status as an independent region.