Richard L. "Dick" Marshall

International Award of Honor, 2002

Dick has been involved with the IPPS in many areas.  He joined the Southern Region at the first meeting in Mobile, Alabama in 1976.  Over the years, he served on many committees and was elected the Alternate International Director in 1996-1997 and became the Southern Region International Director for 1998 and 1999.  The Southern Region selected Dick as the recipient of the highest honor awarded by the Southern Region, the Sidney B. Meadows Award in 1998.  He was elected a SR Fellow in 2000.

Dick was born in Maryland and raised on the family farm, with early exposure to agriculture and hard work.  His first contact with the nursery industry came form his uncle, the owner and operator of Tingle Nursery in Maryland.  Dick knew he wanted to work the land but not a farm for a living so he was influenced to pursue a degree in ornamental horticulture.  He returned to work on the family farm in 1956 and then began rooting cuttings in a cold-frame and lining out the plants on the farm.  He started a small landscaping operation along with the new nursery located on the farm.  The workload at his nursery increased and he devoted all of his work effort to his new business.  Eventually, Harrison Langler joined Dick as a partner to form Chesapeake Nurseries. 

Dick has served the nursery industry and its organizations in many capacities over the years.  He has also received many awards for his dedication to the industry and associations.