Volume 64 - Presentations - Southern Africa

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Quality Aspects and Properties of Peat based Growing Media

Author: Hermann Limbers - Head of R&ampD at Klasmann- Deilmann

PP: 47

The paper includes quality aspects of peat moss as an important base for growing media. Focus is done on chemical, physical and biological properties of peat based substrates and their impact on the production of plants. This covers subjects such as nitrogen fixation and buffering capacity of raw materials and their influence on nutrition and pH stability during the cultivation period. The physical characteristics are shown in pF curves to explain the influence of peat moss types and constituents on irrigation and oxygen supply in the root zone to ensure an optimal root development. New methods for quality control are explained which a part of the chain control according the Dutch RHP system. Furthermore the presentation includes technical subjects which have to be considered by the substrate producer and the grower to choose the optimal growing media for specific conditions as well as how growers can optimise the handling of growing media to achieve best possible crop results.
The merits of good Supplier relationships

Author: Mike Norris - European Region

PP: 14

The merits of good Supplier relationships – working closely with your supplier on monitoring nutrition in growing media for tree production. Michael Norris is General Manager of New Place Nurseries Ltd , a Liner and Tree Nursery which forms Part of the Roundstone Group; one of the UK's largest ornamental plant producers. Michael was born and educated in Ireland prior to advancing his career in the UK. Michael is an enthusiastic Horticulturist and is always keen to learn new techniques and meet new people. A passionate plants man, Michael is Past President of GB and I IPPS and is very keen to encourage and develop systems to enable young Horticulturists to advance their skills and techniques in modern day plant production. Michael is currently International Alternate Director of IPPS Europe and Head of The IPPS Strategic Advisory Committee. Michaels' paper will be outlining the merits of Supplier relationships and working closely with your suppliers. In this case Michael will be talking about his work with Klansman on monitoring nutrition in growing media for tree production.
Managing a naturally ventilated Propagation house

Author: Hans Hettasch

A video on how to manage a naturally ventilated propagation house.
Growing better Pansies and Violas

Author: Ben Geijtenbeek, Syngenta, Senior Crop Specialist, Flowers

Growing better Pansies and Violas using less PGR's and growing at a higher EC. Water and fertilizer are the two main tools a grower has to control his production. These two aspects need maximum attention. Using these tools correctly, helps to improve plant quality, minimize the risk of fungi, lowers the use of chemicals, and finally, it controls the culture risks and losses. All these positive aspects do not only benefit the grower, but also the end consumer. We will focus on element balance, pH control and EC levels in the cultivation of Pansies and Viola
Weed control in production nurseries

Author: Tod Layt

Techniques for weed control in production nurseries.
Monitoring irrigation in a production nursery

Author: Eugenie-Lien Louw

Monitoring irrigation in a production nursery.
Culture and diseases of Pelargonium

Author: Ben Geijtenbeek, Syngenta, Senior Crop Specialist, Flowers

Grow better Pelargoniums by knowing the different pests and diseases and following best cultivation practises
Horticultural Occupational Training in South Africa

Author: Hans-J&uumlrgen Sittig

A brief overview of the development of an occupational qualification for persons working in nurseries who have had no or very poor previous skills training.
Bud grafting of roses

Author: Halmar Taschner

Bud grafting of roses
Successful cutting propagation is rooted in the basics

Author: Dr Robert Geneve_

Cutting propagation can be divided into five stages. These include: Stage 0 – Preparation for cutting propagation Stage 1 – Cutting procurement to sticking Stage 2 – Root initiation (callusing) Stage 3 – Root formationStage 4 – Acclimatization
Container Nursery Irrigation

Author: Dr Robert Geneve

Container Nursery Irrigation