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Chairman's Message, April 2018

Chairman's Message, April 2018

Dear IPPS Members,

Thank you for your membership and support of this amazing organization. Since 1951, when a small group of growers and academics assembled in Cleveland, Ohio (USA), IPPS has been the premiere international organization dedicated to advancing and improving the field of production horticulture. Seek and Share has been and continues to be the guiding motto of IPPS. It guides all we do. And it has guided some recent changes in the Society.

Website Upgrade
You are likely aware that over the last few years IPPS has made significant upgrades to our website, streamlining and modernizing the look of Society offerings and working to improve communication across our diverse international membership. WWW.IPPS.ORG is now the main portal through which you can link to each of our regions, conferences and the online proceedings library, a complete, searchable database of more than 60 years of conference proceedings – a tremendous treasure trove of plant production knowledge. Members enjoy free access to the online Proceedings Library and since it was launched beginning 2016, have downloaded over 8,000 papers!

  • First, I would like to acknowledge the high standard of work of Dr. Charles Heuser during the many years he has served as International Editor. His impeccable attention to detail, professional standards and his tireless work have made the Proceedings a much coveted resource. Dr. Heuser will retire at the end of 2018 and all of us in the Society owe much to him for his outstanding work;
  • Second, welcome to Dr. Bob Geneve, educator, lecturer, presenter, researcher and longtime IPPS member, as he assumes the International Digital Editor post. This is a new approach to publication for IPPS and Dr. Geneve has already made an excellent start on developing protocols and leading us to our next chapter. And I am sure he would add his urging to mine in asking all members to consider being part of this effort. Offer a talk. Submit a paper. Help us chart the next 60 year course for IPPS!

The Future
Finally, how are we paying for all this work? Well, for the past several years we have had a system whereby members who ordered the book were paying most of the cost of editing and printing the book. With the elimination of the book, we will be going to a more equitable system where the full cost of editing, preparing for online publication and paying for website access and upkeep to distribute our online content, will be shared by all members. While this may require a modest membership dues increase, those who previously purchased the book or CD will notice a reduction in overall costs.

We know from surveys that conferences and proceedings are the two benefits most valued by our membership. The IPPS International board, along with your regional board members, work hard to keep membership dues as low as possible while offering excellent content and opportunities for professional development. I hope you will agree that this new effort to update and expand IPPS offerings has been well worth the cost and effort.

I look forward to a bright and prosperous future for IPPS and thank you for all you do to help us Seek and Share.

Alan Jones
International Chairman